About Me

Reborn Creations by Jenny

Welcome to Angel Kissed Babies. My Name is Jenny and this is my story of how I became passionate about Reborn Dolls. My introduction to reborning was Christmas 2010 when my son asked me what I would like for Christmas. I had been fascinated with a couple of reborn dolls I had seen and I told him I would like to have a go at reborning - so he got me a start up kit for Christmas. Shortly after Christmas I bought my first kit. It was Ashleigh - sculpted by South Australian artist Jade Warner. Jade was running a competition at the time and I had until the end of February to complete my first reborn in order to enter her in the competition. I finished her the night before the deadline which gave me the following day to have her photographed and send in my entry. I named her Stacey. To my astonishment and delight Stacey won 3rd prize.

This gave me the confidence to continue with this most rewarding art form and I now have several babies completed.
The fascination and passion of reborning continues to grow with each baby reborn. To start with a blank kit - and watch it come to life with each brush stroke is so amazing. Every reborn artist knows and understands this feeling and it keeps us coming back to paint another and another and another. They develop their own little characters along the way and quite often dictate how they will look when they are finished. What colour hair . . . what colour eyes etc.

I've indulged in many craft forms throughout my life. Sewing, knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, embroidery, china painting, leather carving, basket-making . . . the list goes on. I tried oil painting - but failed miserably at that because I tend to work in a more muted fashion and couldn't ever get the hang of thick application of oils. China painting for example demands a much lighter stroke of the brush - more delicate detail. I think my china painting days have led to my baby skin tones being developed with many many layers of transparent paint gently building up to the end result.

A mother of two, and grand-mother of six, I love children and the joy and inspiration they bring. My oldest grand-daughter has a light mark on her left thigh - where the Angels Kissed her. I have chosen to use this mark as my signature and consequently each baby that I reborn has a very faint Angel Kiss on its left thigh. And from this the Angel Kissed Babies website was born.