With a mischevious twinkle in her eye and delightful cheeky smile, Joanne is from a Limited Edition sculpt of Sienna Leigh by Australian sculptess Alicia Toner and comes with Certificate of Authenticy, numbered 218 of only 280. She has a fair complexion with beautifully soft light Honey Blonde wavy Delta Dawn mohair. Her eyes are blown glass, baby blue grey and her lips and open mouth glisten with moisture. Her hair has been micro rooted with the finest forked needle. She is weighted with tiny glass beads and padded with fibre fill to make her soft and cuddly. For added realism Joanneā€™s nose has been opened and sealed from the inside. Joanne weighs in at 1.94 kilos (4.27 lb). She is a healthy little baby with adorable chubbly legs and arms dressed in her smart pink lace trimmed dress with embroidered detail complimented by her rose quartz bracelet & smart headband complete with bling.

Joanne is currently for sale at AU$450 plus P&P. Please note that all props and accessories used in the photography are not included. If you are interested in purchasing Joanne please email your details to